Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Thompson Flats- It's all in the Details

The last two weeks have been very productive, although we're working on a lot of the small things that aren't so visible. Outside, we finished the majority of the brickwork and started framing up the rear decks. Inside, the fire sprinklers are complete, as well as all of the utilities. Now it's just a matter of finishing all of the insulating so we can start hanging sheetrock on Monday of next week.
The brick on the side and rear has all been laid. The only additional brickwork is around the large bayfront windows in the front of the building, which hopefully will be finished by the end of the week.
Today the masons were working to clean and then seal the new brick.
Inside, we finished waterproofing the tubs and showers. Here, Camillo installed felt paper and then cement board. After the boards were installed, he sealed all of the joints with thinset mortar.
About a quarter of the building has been fully insulated. We were slowed down a bit by the plumber, who was still installing the gas lines and asked for some time to finish. He'll be done tomorrow.