Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Thompson Flats- 2106 10th St- Framing

The Thompson Flats building saw a lot of progress this week and is really starting to look great. We finally had a week of warm, sunny weather, which really helped. Also, with The Twelve Twenty-One Condos done, we can focus all of our attention to getting this building complete. Instead of having 5 or 6 people working here every day, we're now at 10-12 people per day.

This picture is from this morning, when we poured the basement slab. The guys had to stay really late last night and come early this morning, but they got everything prepared in time for the concrete delivery at 11 AM. We had some motivation to move fast because we wanted to have the basement finished before the big thunderstorm that we're supposed to get on Monday.

Upstairs, the loft area walls were framed up. The carpenters were waiting on some more materials to finish the roof portion, but this will be finished on Monday. It will be a big relief to finally get the roof on so we can stop having to use a huge blue tarp every night to protect the wood.

It's a little tough to see, but here is the wall framing for the sliding pocket doors to the middle bedroom on the first floor.

This is the framing of the first floor unit. We're almost at the stage where the plumber and HVAC guys can start roughing in their trades. We'll probably start this next week.

The welder came by at the end of the day to install the front rail, and it looks awesome. We wanted something simple but modern. I think we succeeded!