Friday, March 19, 2010

1221 12th St NW- Three weeks left

At the 12th St project, we're working basically around the clock to finish in the next three weeks. For the majority of a renovation project, you are held back a bit in terms of speed because you're often relying on other people to finish their job before you can finish yours. For example, the sheetrock guys are waiting for the electrician, who comes after the HVAC, who comes after the plumber, who comes after the framers, and so on. However, after the sheetrock is up and sanded, there's really no one left in the way. The trim guys can work at the same time as the painters, exterior carpenters, concrete workers and tile men. Even the plumber and electrician can come back at any point. This is the point we've finally reached. We're working hard to finish before mid-April so buyers get a chance to take the $8,000.00 tax credit before the end of the month.

In the rear of the property, the spiral steps are finished and the decks are 90% done. The carpenters were working today to put in the final pickets on the railing and the final Trex decking on top of the joists.

The first floor is ready to paint and the coffered ceilings are in. This floor is actually the furthest from being completed- the other floors are almost entirely painted. We had so many materials sitting in the project and nowhere to put them that we decided to leave them all on one floor (this one) and finish the other three floors. Now the stuff has all been moved to the basement, which is painted. The ladder in this picture is 8 Ft tall and the ceiling is easily 2-3 feet taller- not bad!

Here is the tile in the front basement unit. We're really happy how the hex marble tile came out in the showers and we'll definitely do this again in another project.


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