Friday, March 19, 2010

2106 10th St- Foundation Walls Up

Despite the torrential rain last weekend, we were able to finish the basement foundation walls this week. Now, the crew is working on backfilling the outside of the walls with gravel and filling the top of the concrete blocks with concrete. All of our framing wood is ordered for Weds. and we hope to have at least the first floor done by the end of the week.

The rendering came back from the graphic designer and it looks incredible. We made a few final changes (mostly to the window pattern on the side, which is incorrect below) but mostly this is exactly what the building will look like once complete.

Here was the scene at the project earlier this week. It always is amazing how many people it takes to lay just one block- two people to lower it into the hole, two guys to mix the mortar, one to measure with the string, and finally someone to place it. Then another guy comes and fills it up with concrete. Seven guys!

This is what the site looked like when we finished today. We put more bracing up on the far wall in order to help support all the weight from backfilling because the concrete is not 100% dry. This is done mostly just as a formality, but it's always a good idea.


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