Thursday, March 11, 2010

1221 12th St NW- Looking Great

We're heading into the final few weeks at The Twelve Twenty-One Condos. There's a lot going on right now- painting, trimwork, tiling and all of the exterior projects. We should be finished within the next month.

In the back, the welders are working on the spiral steps. The joists are all put in for the decking, and today the carpenters started laying the Trex decking. Also, two masons are working on the wall on the first floor. This picture gives you a good idea of how much work this task has been. The wall is actually three bricks thick, and we totally changed the location of the two windows and added a patio door. The brick has to be taken out in sections to prevent undermining the brick wall above.

Today, the carpenters finished the coffered ceilings on the second floor. They need to put the crown molding in the squares, but they already look awesome.

Two guys are tiling all eight bathrooms. They're making great progress and should start grouting tomorrow.

Lots of the trimwork is complete. You can see we matched the trim exactly from the original windows.


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