Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Project- 2106 10th st NW

We just settled on a new project yesterday and started construction today. It's ground-up construction on a vacant lot only a few blocks from the U St metro. We'll be building a four-unit condo building that has a very similar feel to the condos we built at 1133 6th St NW. Each unit is 2 BR, 2 BA and there are two parking spots. We're really excited for this project to start taking shape.

Here is the front elevation of the new building- it has lots of glass:

Here is a picture of the lot yesterday before we started any construction. The excavators dropped off this machine, but then changed their minds, because there was a much bigger one in its' place by the time I got there this morning.

We went out yesterday and marked out the lot. We had a surveyor do the lot boundaries, and then we came back and used those to mark out the new footprint.

Here is the excavator that was used all day. They took out almost 25 dump trucks full of dirt today.

This is the progress.


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